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Sustainable Solutions, Meaningful Results.

Shira Tarantino

I Am.

I'm a global non-profit executive who has worked in fundraising and development since 1994, specializing in fundraising, RFP grant writing, strategic development, and cause-marketing.

I Do.

  • I accurately interpret the mission at hand, creating a clear story with a purpose, precisely organizing and expressing others' thoughts and organizational needs. 
  • I listen with empathy and am a persuasive writer. 
  • I have good analytical and problem-solving skills: I enjoy brainstorming with others to create sustainable solutions. 
  • I embrace the big picture and bring out the best in people for a greater cause.  
  • I aim for sustainable solutions with meaningful results.

I Love.

Women’s and LGBTQ Rights

Gun Violence Prevention

Civic Engagement

Racial Justice and Equity

Equal and Accessible Education and Healthcare

Religious Freedom of Individuals


Shira Tarantino

(212) 961-7028