Shira Tarantino speaks as Stamford Mayor Martin, CT Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Michael Hyman look on.

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Sustainable Solutions, Meaningful Results.

Shira Tarantino

Fundraising | Development | Strategic Planning | Grant Research and Writing | Social Media Strategy | Brand Championing

I AM: a global non-profit executive who has worked in fundraising and development since 1994, specializing in fundraising, RFP grant writing, strategic development, and cause-marketing.

I help organizations seek sustainable solutions with meaningful results by driving deeper engagement with all stakeholders, creating innovative ways to collaborate internally and externally, cultivating partnerships, and by facilitating communications between groups and individuals who share a unifying vision. 

I Do.

  • I accurately interpret the mission at hand, creating a clear story with a purpose, precisely organizing and expressing the mission and organizational needs. 
  • I listen with empathy and am a persuasive writer. 
  • I use my analytical and problem-solving skills to create sustainable solutions with meaningful results.
  • I embrace the big picture and bring out the best in people for a greater cause.  

I Love.

  • Women's Health & Reproductive Justice
  • LGBTQA Rights
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Climate Change Resolution
  • Civic Engagement
  • Racial Justice and Equity
  • Equal and Accessible Public Education
  • Voting Rights and Voter Education
  • Religious Freedom of Individuals


Shira Tarantino resume1_2020 (pdf)